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JCS Wildlife Blogs

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Invasion of the Bird (and Some Plant) Snatchers

You may have heard the term “invasive species” when discussing birding or gardening. You may have ev… read more

Blackbirds, Bluebirds, Redbirds, OH MY! | JCs WIldlife

I think it's a fairly common practice for people to use colors to denote different bird species. Aft… read more

Labor Day 2022 | Monday, September 5, 2022 | JCs Wildlife

When is Labor Day 2022?Labor Day 2022 is Monday, September 5th. It is a day dedicated to American wo… read more

It's Farewell to Hummingbirds Season | JCs Wildlife

For many of us in the US, Canada, and Northern Mexico, the skies will soon be filled with the jewel… read more

Is the Nut House right for you? | JCs Wildlife

Are you feeling squirrely on whether your backyard critters are looking for their fur-ever home? Deb… read more

Back to School with Bird Words | JCs Wildlife

What do you call two crows sitting on a wire? Attempted murder!! Get it? Because a group of 3 crows… read more