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JCS Wildlife Blogs

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Nourishing Nectar - A Hummingbird's Sweet Diet |JCs Wildlife

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat every now and then? But just think… If you were a hummingbird, that “… read more

Cleaning Hummingbird Feeders | JCs Wildlife

Are your hummingbird feeders dirty?If you’re like me, some days it’s enough to do to make sure that… read more

What Bird Feeder is Best For Me? We can help! | JCs Wildlife

Whether you are a seasoned birdwatcher looking to purchase a new feeder or are in the market to b… read more

​Top 5 Bird Feeding Fails Learn what Not To Do |JCs Wildlife

Feeding the birds is a fun way to get to know the native birds in your area. The JCs Wild… read more

Information on CHARMing Goldfinches | JCs Wildlife

American Goldfinches are some of the most recognizable, friendly birds in the avian world. With t… read more

​Which Birdseed is Best? | JCs Wildlife Blog

Spotting a new or rare bird perched at the backyard bird feeder is one of life’s simple joys. Not… read more