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Beyond Borders Summer Hummer Haitian Wall Art

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Everyone loves this small piece with a large 3-dimensional impact. The hummingbird bends around to hover over the flower ... beautiful! These art pieces are not placed into a mold and turned out on a machine. The piece is handcrafted from steel oil drums. Because of this, the pieces are not “perfect,” but that is the beauty of handmade, Haitian art. Beyond Borders pride themselves on the quality, individuality, and consistency of each piece of art. Created by Willy Lijeune.

Piece size: 12 in. x 12 in.

Beyond Borders is a company that works closely with 100 artists in Haiti. Each piece is hand made by the artists using recycled steel oil drums. The artists take the barrels and fires them to remove the residue and paint, then they tear it down and flatten the metal. Every bit is used!

Each piece is made with a simple chisel, hammer and nail, all by hand! They cut, carve, sculpt, and decorate each piece with their names signed on the pieces of their medium to large art works. Each piece has a tinted varnish applied to protect it and the varnish adds a darker patina.

The decor is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

For extended exposure outdoors, a spray clearcoat can be used to fresh and protect the piece. 

Each item is specially hand-made. Each item will have slight variations from each other.