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If your feeder is visited regularly by hungry hummingbirds, we recommend getting one of our larger feeders to make sure all the birds get their fill of nectar! Our Large Hummingbird Feeders are some of the most popular available... for birds and birders for that reason. The feeders featured in this category hit the sweet spot in sizing: the nectar capacity is enough to keep the birds fed without worrying about a whole lot of waste and spoilage. Hummingbirds can't stand a dirty feeder. These feeders will likely be empty from feeding before they get a change to get dingy. In the hot summer months, it is recommended that one cleans their feeders frequently. 

One of our most popular feeders, the First Nature 3055 32 oz Hummingbird Feeder is in this category along with several other feeders from First Nature, Perky Pet, More Birds and Droll Yankees.


1 oz - 8 oz Small 9 oz - 26 oz Medium 27 oz - 47 oz Large 48 oz - 90 oz Extra Large  Glass   Window